3 Tips to Stay in Shape Over Christmas!

Posted on 28 Nov 2016 by

With the festive period, fast approaching, soon the staff and friends’ Christmas parties will be in full swing, the drinks will be flowing and your shelves will be fully stacked with plenty of indulgent delights. You tell yourself “it’s been a tough year I deserve to let my hair down over Christmas” but, before you know it, you have lost the body that you have worked so hard for during the year and its back to square one come the new year. To help you avoid this very common but preventable scenario here are 3 useful tips for you….


1. Stick to your regular training routine throughout the period

It’s very easy when the dark, cold nights and mornings kick in and your weekends start involving shopping, Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine (replace accordingly with your own tipple!), eating calorie rich food and partying hard, for your training to well and truly take a back seat. You may also think that because you are now wearing those extra layers it won’t matter if you put on a few extra pounds here and there! If any of this sounds like you then consider this…. There will come a point when Christmas and New Year is over and you will be faced with the reality of having to put in the extra effort, and extra hours in the gym and dieting to lose the unwanted weight and get back into shape. Long term, life will be far easier and productive for you if you maintain a steady gym routine throughout to help keep you in shape, so when the New Year does come around you can set goals on how to improve on the previous year, and not be in exactly the same position you were in 12 months before. You have your membership at Extreme Conditioning or wherever it is you train, use it!


2. Eat, drink and be merry………. BUT in moderation!

This sounds like an obvious one but as we all know it is easier said than done! I think the best way to help yourself when it comes to eating treats in moderation is to change your mindset…. When you’ve had a mince pie and you really fancy another one, two or even three just consider this…. it is not going to be the last ever opportunity you get to have one, there is always another day and it is something to look forward to. If you eat too much rich, indulgent food it is more likely that you become sick of it, will seem less like a treat, you will not fully appreciate it and you will have put on some/a lot of unwanted weight in the process!  Also, is the 10 seconds it took to scoff it worth the extra calories and the hours of guilt you may experience having eaten it/them?! Once you’ve left the party or have gone to bed is it more likely that you will regret eating it or leaving it and walking away?! If you choose the latter, you can take pride that you didn’t give in to temptation and feel good about yourself.


3. Set yourself your New Year’s Resolutions now!

One thing that is going to help you stick to the above tips is to give yourself a focus now! Before it’s too late and you’ve lost all the improvements that you’ve worked so hard for set some goals now on what you want to achieve in the New Year that improves on the previous year. By having these goals in the back of your mind it should help you think twice before you get stuck in to your second helping of Christmas Pudding! We have mentioned this previous but what’s the point in setting yourself New Year’s Resolutions if you are in the same boat a year on and the whole process starts again?!  Don’t be that person, act now, you are in control of your own destiny!