No Time to Get Results? Think Again! Jason’s Journey

Posted on 13 Oct 2016 by

In January Jason came down to Extreme with the aim of getting fit and lean after having surgery on his ankle. He weighed 95.5kg and his body fat was 34%.

Due to having the commitment of a young family his only options to train were early in the morning, before work, or during his dinner break. This could be seen as a major barrier but Jason just accepted this and found a way to work around his limited available time.

Fast forward ten months Jason is now 86.8kg and 12.8% body fat.

How did he do it?

Most mornings Jason comes through the doors of Extreme Conditioning at 7am to train. He trains hard and is showered, changed and on his way to work before 8am. Every Tuesday and Thursday Jason comes back during his dinner break for PT for half an hour.

What does he do?

Initially Jason asked for help from Matt Green to rehab his recently operated on ankle. As part of his rehabilitation and since his recovery Matt has Jason following a dedicated strength programme to help build muscle and decrease body fat % alongside carrying out high intensity conditioning sessions to help burn additional calories and increase his overall fitness.      

Jason was set specific goals throughout the whole year that were meaningful to him which kept him on track. He stepped up to every goal with action and put 100% effort in every single session.

Most importantly, Jason’s best trait is his consistency. He is in the gym every week without fail. Even when he picked up a niggle he came down and saw Matt Schofield to put it right and in the meantime trained around it so it didn’t impact on him reaching his goals.

Jason is living proof that, even with limited time available, if you are determined, consistent and set yourself some very clear goals you will get results. No Excuses!!!!

This is what his consistency looks like……..

He has dropped a total of  8.7kg and 21.2% body fat.