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Posted on 08 Jan 2016 by

Once again Christmas has been and gone and here we are, at the beginning of the new year, a new start and new goals set for 2016.

This time last year Laura wrote an excellent post (which you can find here) regarding your resolutions for 2015. In this post we set you a challenge of sticking to your resolution, having a positive mind set and grinding through those hard times by planning well.

This year it’s over to you! Now we want to know how your 2015 went. We want to hear all about what you achieved and what your plans are for 2016. The process of achieving your goals is as important, if not more, than achieving them so tell us all your highs and lows!

Even if you didn’t reach your goals tell us why and how are you going to do things differently this year! We want to hear as many of your stories as possible, so please spare 10minutes of your time so we can all start the new year positively and help to inspire others! Regardless of what you achieved last year, by telling us what your goals are for 2016 makes us all accountable throughout the year, that’s what our community that you’ve created is all about, to support each other in our individual journeys through the rough and the smooth.

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We look forward to hearing all your stories!