Extreme Conditioning is the home of CrossFit Huddersfield. Suitable for ALL levels of fitness CrossFit is a core Strength and Conditioning Programme that includes constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.

High Intensity 

To achieve the best possible results the intensity of your workout has to be challenging. You will however be working at the level that is appropriate for your level of fitness so don’t worry, you will not be given anything you are not capable of completing!  

Constantly Varied

The great thing about CrossFit is it trains your body across the full spectrum of fitness so you will be challenged with numerous methods of training on a daily basis. No workout is the same, keeping things fresh and tuning your body to excel at whatever is thrown at it!  

Functional Movements

In your typical CrossFit gym you will not see a single resistance machine in sight. We train movements not muscles simulating natural human movement that we do in our everyday lives such as squatting, lifting, pressing and dynamic movements such as jumping and running.

The Benefits of CrossFit

  • CrossFit can be enjoyed by everyone from the absolute beginner to the elite
  • When you complete a CrossFit workout your results are recorded meaning you can actually see yourself improving on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • CrossFit creates communities. You will meet like minded people, support and encourage each other, socialise and make friends.
  • CrossFit is coach driven meaning someone will always be there to advise you, teach and support you ensuring you are always improving.

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